April 7, 2017

Frequent Questions

On  Breastfeeding

Q: My baby is exclusively breastfed. Is it normal for him/her not to poop everyday?
Breast milk is perfectly balanced that it is easily absorbed by the body which is why breastfed babies often go a few days without pooping. Once the baby starts to take food other than breast milk, he/she should be able to poop daily.

Q: What vitamins should I give my breastfed baby?
Babies 0-6 months old do not need vitamins. Breastmilk is already their complete source of nutrition. Those 6 months and above, breastmilk paired with fruits and vegetables can make our children strong and healthy.

Q: When can I start expressing milk for my baby?
 It is advised that you start expressing after 6 weeks postpartum. At that time, your supply has adjusted to your baby’s demand and will you will less likely experience oversupply. But in special cases when the baby is premature, or in the NICU, you can express the moment the need has been communicated to you.


On  Tamang Kain

Q: My baby is turning 6 months old soon. When can I start giving solid food and what food should  I give?
If your baby can sit up without support, then his/her digestive system is also ready to take solid food. Steer clear of manufactured baby food (Gerber, Cerelac, etc.) because they are full of preservatives and sugar. If we expose our babies to these kinds of food, then we are putting them at risk for becoming future picky eaters. Instead, provide them with healthier options from fruits and vegetables. You can mash them or use the BLW approach.


On  Medical Advice

Q: My baby is sick. What medicine should I give? or What is the best contraceptive for a lactating mother?
We advice that you find a pediatrician that you can trust. If the advice of your pedia is not consistent with current breastfeeding practices, try discussing with him/her the current studies on the benefits of breastfeeding. If however your pedia insists on dismissing breastfeeding, find a new doctor who will be supportive of your decision to breastfeed. There are doctors in the group who are generous in answering some concerns but they are not obligated to give advice (so please don’t tag them to your posts), and they have not done a physical exam on your baby so whatever advice they can give is also limited. When your babies are sick, bring them to their pedia immediately instead of attempting to self-medicate or seek medical advice from the forum. The same goes for birth control. If you would like to use contraceptives, please consult with your OB-GYN. PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHAT MEDICATIONS TO GIVE OR TAKE. ONLY DOCTORS CAN PRESCRIBE THE CORRECT MEDICATION AND DOSAGE FOR YOU OR YOUR CHILD.